October 5, 2019

Information & Application

China Teaching Application – Minimum – Bachelor Degree

You can apply for the following: **

*Assistance with a flight ticket or flight ticket advance
*Free Placement (Automatic for Bachelor candidates going to China)
*Living allowance advance in China until you get your first salary
*A free 120-hour TEFL course
*Free document assistance and waiving of document fees (Apostille, Certification and Notarize documents)

You will get the following:

*Advice and guidance on living in China
*Mock interview
*Assistance with your CV
*Travel advice and guidance
*Pick up from the airport or train station in China
*Assistance with Simcard
*Assistance to open Bank Account
*Advice on money transfers
*Advice on Medical Insurance and Medical Cover
*Advice on Apartments and contracts related to it
*City Assistance
*Free China Living guide compiled by our School & Placement agency
with hundreds of tips from teachers living in China
*App assistance & VPN information
*Support once you are in China
*Contract assistance
*Flight tracking and safe arrival assurance

Complete the following form in order to apply for assistance with your China placement as a Teacher

** Approval of any or all of these benefits are subject to offers from our Partner Schools and Language Centers and Application for these benefits are not an automatic approval of it.

We have helped hundreds of Teachers before, you might be the next one!